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We’ve all been in the situation where you can’t remember where you parked your car. Well, with this app onboard your Android device, you will never be in that situation again.

‘Where’s my car’ allows you to save your current location while you’re in your car and then uses google maps navigation to guide you back later on.

With this Pro version, you can also take a photo of your car to jog your memory, add notes/descriptions and even save the location of your car in a multi-story parking lot!

Obviously, this app requires you to enable GPS on your phone, which may affect battery life if left on for prolonged periods of time. I should add at this point that the app is currently in beta and users can expect major updates as time goes on. With that said, however, this app is packed full of great features and is still possibly the best use of GPS in an app that we have seen yet.

Well done to the devs!

Rating: ★★★★★

Android Description

The BEST car finder app on the market

You parked somewhere near the stadium or bar, but when the concert/party ends you don’t have a clue where the car is. The friends you came with are equally as clueless.

Fortunately you haven’t lost your Android phone that never forgets anything, and you remember you have the hot new app, Android, Where’s My Car?. With this app, you click a button when you park your car, and the Android uses its location sensor to record the car’s GPS coordinates and address. Later, when you reopen the app, it shows you a map from where you are to the remembered location– problem solved!

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Requires Android:
2.2 and up

Free/$1.99 Pro
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