Unique Mobile Puzzler Features a Dynamic Spinning 3D Environment with a Wide Range of challenging levels and addictive game play. Win Cash Prizes for solving yet-unsolved puzzles.

RiMetric Games, the leader in 3D mobile puzzle apps, announced today the release of their latest title, Reaxtor 3D. The follow-up to Drop Up, this title takes the familiar game of peg solitaire and adds a new dimension complete with a compelling storyline, elaborate 3D landscapes and a diverse selection of complex obstacles. Also, for the first time in mobile puzzle game history, players can win cash prizes simply by solving puzzles. Reaxtor 3D is available for the Apple line of products including the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. The object of the game is for players to stop a mad scientist gorilla from losing control of a defunct nuclear reactor. Inside the broken reactor are the remains of old atomic experiments. Players must spin, flip and twist cubes, spheres, cylinders, diamonds and more in order to smash and jump atoms down to a single atom, and salvage the reactor before it destroys the world. The game includes over 400 unique puzzles ranging in difficulty from simple to near impossible, giving players long-term replay value.

Unlike other puzzle apps, all levels in Reaxtor 3D are immediately available to play, allowing participants the chance to conquer the game in a myriad of ways. Conveniently the game tracks the player’s best score on each puzzle, both internally and in Game Center, allowing players to return to puzzles to try for personal records. The basic but compelling controls make it easy for anyone to dive straight into the game with no problem. RiMetric Games is hosting many contests to further entice players to achieve specific goals in Rexator 3D.

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RiMetric Games was founded in 2010 as an independent developer of puzzle games for leading mobile devices. Focusing on 3D environments and landscapes, RiMetric Games enables players to enter a whole new dimension of entertainment by providing a diverse lineup of titles for gamers of all ages and skill levels while utilizing the incredible power and convenience of mobile technology. Based in Portland, Oregon, RiMetric Games are available for immediate download from the App Store. For further information, please refer to the RiMetric Games website at

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