Word Search Android App Review

Word Search Android App Review

Word Search Android App Review

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Nobody ever gets tired of doing word searches, right? It’s time to kick back and relax. Grab your coffee or tea and sit down – and why not do a word search?  Word Search brings the classic newspaper style searches to your Android device, and you won’t even get the ink on your hands! This app is packed full of great word searches for you to do any time of the day.

Word Search by Devari generates unique word searches with tons of word lists, meaning you will never run out of fun puzzles. The interface is beautifully simple, with nice fonts on the grid which resemble chalk on a chalkboard, while underneath there is your list of words, a timer and hint & new game buttons. To highlight a word in the grid, simply drag your finger over the letters and if it is correct, the word turns green and is crossed off the list. Upon successfully finding a word, a nice, non-intrusive tone sounds and when you complete a word search you get a round of applause.

Thinking about it, we can’t find anything that we’d change in this app and it provides a brilliant pass time. If you don’t like the ads at the top (though they are not exactly distracting) then you can pay a small amount for the premium version on the Market! We recommend either!

Rating: ★★★★★

Android Description
Simply the best high definition word search/word find puzzle game!

Play unlimited unique high quality high definition puzzles with the theme you like.

- Unlimited puzzles: each puzzle is unique
- Three difficulty levels
- Word lists from many popular categories
- Word lists with foreign words
- Local and 24hrs online scoreboard
- High definition graphics
- Supports tablets


The aim of the game is to find all hidden words which is really fun. With this game you can easily improve your vocabulary, concentration and spelling skills, and even prepare for English exams.

There are various themes included to choose from:

- Chalkboard
- Parchment
- Note Paper
- Soccer/Football
- Beach

A vast amount of words is included. There are the following top categories of word lists:

- Basic English
- English
- Food and Meals
- Leisure and Fun
- The Animals
- The City
- The Health
- The House
- The Nature
- The People
- Society
- The Things
- Time and Calendar
- Transportation
- Special Language (Sports, Business, Physics, Math…)
- Boy Names
- Girl Names
- Famous Brands
- Famous Movies
- King James Bible
- TOEFL Vocab
- IELTS Vocab
- GRE Vocab
- GMAT Vocab
- SAT Vocab
- Slang (American, Australian, and British)
- French
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- German
- Italian
- Hebrew (Biblical Hebrew, Modern Hebrew)
- Greek
- Russian
- Turkish
- Latin

A high scores system is included. There is a daily 24h online leaderboard and as well local scores.

Three levels of difficulty are given. The difficulties differ in the number of words to find and the placement. (Diagonal placement is e.g. more difficult than horizontal).

This is the free version with advertisements and without a Christmas theme.

Requires Android:
2.2 and up
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