Work your way through challenging puzzles in the exciting game The Machine

Work your way through challenging puzzles in the exciting game The Machine

Work your way through challenging puzzles in the exciting game The Machine

It’s crazy to sit back and think about just exactly how things work sometimes. With so many nuts and bolts it’s a wonder how complicated gadgets come to function. The new game “The Machine” gives players a taste of complex machinery as they try to solve their way through each tricky. Take form as a tiny drop of ink as you tap your way through the blueprints of an intricate machine. It’s a tricky task but with some skill you’ll find yourself enjoying each move as you work your way to victory.

After launch all users are greeted by a menu where they can easily access all of the features the game has to offer. It’s from here that players can choose between the game’s core and arcade modes and also select their world preferences ranging from “hardcore” to “mazes”.
From the get go players are submerged into the industrial theme of the game thanks to its well designed menus and sounds. When players are ready to begin all they must do is tap their desired mode to dive into the first of many exhilarating levels.

Sure, it’s commonly understood that things that require blueprints can be perceived as elaborate works of art. The catch is with the new game “The Machine” you get to feel like you’re traveling through each facet of its detailed being. The objective of the game is to help yourself as a droplet maneuver through each course by attaching to surfaces avoiding obstacles like dangerous spinning blades in the process. With easy to learn controls players can begin maneuvering their droplet like pros in just seconds but with each level becoming more and more challenging the further you progress in the game, “The Machine” quickly becomes an instant hit on your favorite device.

It’s more than just dodging every trap you come across in this stimulating puzzle-adventure. It’s a race to the finish as players must be wary of the clock, try your hand at improving your best times, time and time again. With achievements for players to try and play for, extra gears in levels to unlock new and exciting modes and so much more “The Machine” is a fresh addition to the App Store you won’t want to miss out on.

“The Machine” is available in the Google Play Store for all Android devices running Android 2.3 and up.


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