World Citizen: Geography quiz App Review

World Citizen: Geography quiz

World Citizen: Geography quiz

World Citizen Android AppDictions App Review

Through technology and globalization we have become a closer planet. One method for testing a child’s knowledge of various countries, capitals and flags is through a geography quiz. World Citizen is a geography quiz app of sorts for Android devices which will test kids knowledge of different countries, its capital cities, and how their flags look like. Eventually, it will open his mind on how big the world is and how many people very different to him in culture and language exists.

Usually, parents can simply show a flag and let the kids answer which country it represents. I had experienced it way back when there was still no smartphones and tablet. Thankfully, this is made available to Android smartphone and tablets as a game one can play – World Citizens: Geography Quiz.

This is a quiz game app which makes the learning easier and exciting. It is also developed in such a way that all ages can try playing it.

World Citizen App Gameplay:

World Citizen has two different options of gameplay: training or challenge. Training is the first mode you can play until such time challenge becomes unlocked. The questions depend on what is given and what is required. For example, you might be asked to provide the flag if either the capital or country is given and vice versa. There more you answer right, the better your rating becomes.

Aside from that, these other features should also be checked out:

-        Each of the country indicated has available further information (i.e. trivia)

-        Difficulty can be adjusted for additional challenge

-        A global leaderboard is available to help you see how you rank against others

World Citizen App Layout & Design:

The game app’s graphics are very crisp and child-friendly. The countries flags are displayed elegantly with plenty of detail and can be easily distinguished.

World Citizen App Value:

World Citizen: Geography Quiz is an excellent geography learning and quiz app for children. The current version  is up to 2.3 . It remains free and downloadable through Google Play. Keep at least 1.8MB of your smartphone/tablet memory and ensure that it is supported with Android 1.6 and up.


Android Description
Become a World Citizen and learn countries, capitals and flags in easy way.

* The app is available in 4 languages: Polish, French, Spanish (there are more to come)

World Citizen is a quiz game that will help you learn countries, capitals and flags of the world in easy and enjoyable way!
The new version of the app comes with two mini games. You can start with the Training one first and try to unlock all golden badges. It is pretty easy at the beginning but it gets harder when you progress through the levels.
The Challenge game will help you test the knowledge that you have gained so far. You can choose the level you like and question types you want to answer. The more modes you select, the more points you will be able to get in a single game. Just remember to answer them carefully because the final score is also calculated based on your accuracy.
Every time you get a new high score it is published to the global leaderboard. You can access it from the Statistics section and compare your score against other players around the world.
What is more, the game has an index of all countries for quick reference. It includes their name, capital, flag and official language.

Learn while you Play!

Game features:
- Two mini games: Training and Challenge.
- Three difficulty levels.
- Six question types including: Flag to Country, Flag to Capital, Capital to Country, Capital to Flag, Country to Capital, Country to flag.
- Global Leaderboard,
- Player statistics (track how many questions you have answered and how much time you spent playing the game)
- A list of 193 countries presented with basic information including: name, capital, flag and language. Each has a link to Wikipedia where you can read more about it.
- Nice graphics and high quality images.
- Available in: English, Polish, French, Spanish

Requires Android:
2.3 and up

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